Innovating through creativity


Our Creative Minds team has been sharing their expertise on how creative activities can play a powerful role in healthcare.

The team has made a key contribution to Realising the Value, a project funded by NHS England about promoting self-help and engaging communities in healthcare, helping deliver chapter 2 of the NHS Five Year Forward View.

Creative Minds provided their expert views on how this can be done. This focussed on their vast experience of using creative activities in healthcare, which includes traditional arts such as painting and theatre, as well as sports and leisure activities such as football, walking and gardening.

The team has helped develop a range of publications as part of the project,  including Spreading Change and Supporting Self Management. These were launched at September’s NHS Health and Care Innovation Expo where a member of the Creative Minds  team, Debs Taylor, told her own inspirational story about how painting helped her manage her own depression.

Read more about Realising the Value on their website.

More information about Creative Minds is on their website.

Innovating through creativity

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