Implementation of new Acute and Community pathways


The Trust has been looking at how community services are provided now and how they can be improved in the future. We have recently concluded a period of staff consultation and are now preparing to implement the new model of care for Acute and Community pathways.

The new model of care for acute and community mental health services will:

  • help us be flexible around services users’ needs
  • bring the skills and experience of staff together
  • include a single point of access (SPA) into secondary care which makes it easier for people to get treatment and helps avoid repeat assessments
  • help us provide more recovery-based care
  • involve listening to and working with service users, carers and partners

The transformation of services is now being managed locally within each area, with oversight at the Trust level.  During implementation of the new model, which we expect to be on-going until April 2017, we will be working in partnership with external colleagues to help understand the most appropriate level of service provision for our service users.

Implementation of new Acute and Community pathways

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