Pledging to provide personalised patient care


We’ve pledged to embed Dr Kate Granger’s ‘hello my name is’ campaign fully across our organisation in support of 2016’s Fab Change Day.

The annual day, hosted by The Academy of Fabulous Stuff, is about making a commitment to changing for the better over the next twelve months. As an organisation, we decided to make an organisational pledge chosen and supported by our staff.

We invited suggestions through i-hub, our online interactive community platform where people can share ideas. Suggestions were backed by other staff through a vote with the top-rated ideas being presented to our Executive Management Team.

With an overwhelming majority of the votes and 100% director backing, our pledge is to always introduce ourselves – whether that’s to our service users, partners, or other members of staff – in support of Dr Kate Granger’s campaign which she set up to encourage compassionate, personalised patient care.

We’ll also be linking it to ‘What do you do?’ – an opportunity for members of staff to find out what it’s like to step into someone else’s shoes. We’ll be lifting the lid on lesser-known occupations and asking our staff to tell each other who they are and what their role involves. It’s hoped that this will give us a better understanding of our colleagues and a wider knowledge of all corners of our organisation.

The next step is to ask our staff for help in making these pledges a reality, and we’ll be keeping the Fab Change Day team regularly updated with our progress.

Pledging to provide personalised patient care

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