Community services transformation moving forward


The Trust is moving forward with its transformation of acute and community services with plans for implementation now progressing in each of our areas – Barnsley, Calderdale, Kirklees and Wakefield. We are transforming our services to make sure they continue to meet people’s needs, and so that they offer the best care and better outcomes for our service users.

Our services will be provided through either a core or enhanced pathway, accessed through a single point of contact (SPA). The SPA will help service users and GPs to easily access a range of mental health services, and improve the way referrals are managed and received.

Wakefield will be going live from 5 December with their new team structure across both medical and managerial level, with teams being co-located in the new health and wellbeing hubs in Wakefield and Pontefract. On this day the Wakefield SPA will also become operational.

In Kirklees and Calderdale all staff have been allocated into the new team structure, with workshops now being held for detailed core and enhanced service planning. The overarching Kirklees and Calderdale SPA will also be operational from 5 December.

In Barnsley we have now identified leads for the core and enhanced pathways, have agreed the medical staffing workforce and deployment, and are making progress against the agreed new model.

Further work will now continue to ensure that the new acute and community model is in place and operational by April 2017.

Community services transformation moving forward

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