Pioneering approach to our workforce


A new model for the workforce across our secure estate is delivering  both cost  improvements and better career opportunities.

Typically across the NHS, band 5 nurses are supported by staff at band 3. Our trust is pioneering a new approach which sees staff at bands 2 and 4 added to the workforce, a model which is rarely seen across the NHS.

The trust’s secure mental health services are piloting the approach. They first starting establishing a workforce of ward–based staff at bands 2 and 3 in 2014. Band 4s are starting in the service for the first time this month.

There are many benefits to the model. It frees up band 5 nurses to focus on more high level work, provides unregistered professionals with a career path and makes a financial saving.

Our band 4 role differs from the national role due to be piloted next year in that it doesn’t include either management or drugs administration. Our band 4 recruits will get the opportunity to work towards the national programme should it transpire. We are also an employment partner for the test sites of the national programme.

Pioneering approach to our workforce

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