We more than double our flu fighters


More of South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust’s staff than ever are protected against the devastating effects of flu after a record number of people had the jab.

Over 76% of employees at the community, mental health and learning disability Trust had the vaccine in 2016 compared to just 33% in 2015, making it the most improved Trust in Yorkshire and the Humber.

Putting on a large number of clinics across the Trust’s wide geography and having a network of ‘peer to peer’ staff vaccinators who could vaccinate their colleagues contributed to the increased uptake. A major internal communications campaign to encourage uptake also played a key role.

Alan Davis, director of HR, organisational development and estates at the Trust said: “Flu is a dangerous and unpleasant illness which can spread very quickly, particularly in environments such as hospitals where people can come into contact with a lot of others. By having the vaccine, our staff are helping to prevent the spread of flu and keeping their colleagues, people who use our services and their families safe.”

We more than double our flu fighters

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