Members’ council elections now open – Bob’s experience


Nominations to stand for election to our members’ council are now open. Bob Clayden has been a governor on our members’ council for two years. He was involved in the update to the membership strategy last year and has also had his photography showcased at the Mental Health Museum as part of the ‘Breakdown’ exhibition. Bob explained what being on our members’ council has meant to him:

Bob said: “I worked for the NHS for a long time down in Essex where I used to live, and I’ve always had an interest in the links between art and wellbeing. When I moved up to Yorkshire, I received some membership information from the Trust and thought becoming a member looked interesting.

“I heard about the Trust’s charity, Creative Minds, which co-funds and co-delivers creative projects to local people in partnership with community groups. I became interested in the work of the Trust as I could see how much it valued the link between creativity and health, so decided to stand for election to the members’ council.

“Being on the members’ council has been a rewarding experience that has enabled me to get a much better understanding of the Trust and the NHS in general. I’ve particularly enjoyed helping to recruit new members.

“If anyone was thinking about standing for election I would definitely recommend it. It’s well worth having a go and it really is an interesting thing to do. I don’t think people realise how much influence you can have but by joining the members’ council you have the chance to make a difference.”

Thinking of applying? You’ve got until 2 March.

Members’ council elections now open – Bob’s experience

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