Centre of excellence aspirations for Willow Ward

A recovery tree painted on the walls of Willow Ward.
The recovery tree painted on the walls of Willow Ward.

The Willow Ward at Kendray Hospital has launched new initiatives in its aspiration to become a centre of excellence for older adults inpatient care.

Staff, service users and family and friends visiting the ward will now see interactive displays including a ‘recovery tree’ and a ‘rainbow of good practice and hope’. These displays showcase the things currently taking place to ensure safe practice and provide good experiences on the ward.

The recovery tree in particular focuses on collecting service user and family and carer opinions upon admission to the ward, alongside thoughts on recovery and mental health. These are then collected again upon discharge; with a comparison of the prior and latter highlighting the journey taken by individuals during their time working with the ward.

The original idea of becoming a centre of excellence began in summer this year at a team away day and has since been driven forward by Sam Johnson, acting ward manager.

Sam said: “The initiatives have really resonated with both staff and service users. Staff morale has picked up within the ward environment and service users have really engaged with the initiatives; from sharing ideas during community meetings to helping to paint the recovery tree.

“As a ward manager I wanted to show staff how good they are at their jobs and make sure they feel valued. Everyone who participated got something from this and felt valued by taking part.

The ward is now focusing on becoming accredited by the Quality Network for Older Adults Mental Health Services, who are part of the Royal College of Psychiatrists.

Sam continued: “Gaining recognition through the accreditation process will enable Willow Ward to demonstrate to patients, carers, staff and commissioners that we are providing an excellent service that is defined by nationally recognised standards.”

Centre of excellence aspirations for Willow Ward

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