Barnsley IAPT continuing to offer support through Coronavirus


It’s virtually business as usual for IAPT team leader Tom Brown.

“Barnsley IAPT remains open for anybody with mild to moderate anxiety and depression issues. We continue to offer assessments and evidence based treatments, although these are being offered via phone for the time being.

L-R Paula Remington, Tom Brown and Vicky Scott from Barnsley IAPT

“It’s difficult not to be worried by the pandemic we are currently experiencing but there are a few simple things we can all do. Try to be kind towards yourself, as well as looking after others. Try to live in the moment, without letting your mind wander onto what might be or things you can’t control. Do things that give you a sense of achievement, that help you feel connected with others and things you enjoy. All of these can really help improve your mood.

“Contact us on 01226 644900, or look at our website at where you can find more information and make a self-referral online. The website also provides specific guidance for the general public on how to manage anxiety during this period.”

Barnsley IAPT continuing to offer support through Coronavirus

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