Trust launch NHS rainbow badge campaign


In celebration of LGBT+ History Month, the LGBT+ staff network launched the NHS rainbow badge campaign at their recent members’ meeting. The campaign will give Trust staff the opportunity to make a pledge in order to receive their badge.

“This was the first LGBT+ members meeting which gave us the perfect platform to launch the Rainbow enamel badge. The response has been overwhelming, thank you to everyone who attended the launch and have made pledges so far. Here’s to making our Trust a great place to work.”

Donna Somers, chair, LGBT+ staff network

The aim of this initiative is to promote a message of inclusion within the Trust and support both LGBT+ staff and service users in identifying people who they can seek support from about whom they are, how they identify and how they feel. The badges are just one way to show that our Trust is an open, non-judgmental and inclusive place for people that identify as LGBT+.

“Since the launch we now have over 400 pledges for the NHS Rainbow Badges. Thank you to all our staff who have made their pledges to promote our Trust as organisation that is open, non-judgemental and inclusive. Such a great organisation that genuinely lives it’s values.​”

Tim Mellard, LGBT+ staff network vice chair.

Staff can apply for their badge by completing the application form ​and emailing it to the LGBT+ staff network on

Trust launch NHS rainbow badge campaign

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