Video van lights up #clapforcarers


A local outdoor media display company has been visiting our Fieldhead Hospital with their video van to thank front line workers as part of the ‘clap for carers’.

Members of staff social distancing with the van

Last night Media Displays’ van was be parked by the site entrance, initially displaying messages thanking local people for staying at home and protecting our NHS. It then toured the hospital site thanking staff for everything they are doing to protect and look after our service users and each other.

Noma Ndlovu, ward manager, spotted the van as she finished her shift. She said: “The company who operates the van to do this for free as a thank you from themselves. It’s a real morale boost to see it and know that everyone – businesses as well as individuals – appreciate what we are doing.”

Rob Webster, chief executive, said: “Thanks to Media Displays for this again last night. Sometimes it takes the kindness of others to make the team truly see the difference they are making.”

Ian Taylor, Media Displays’  managing director, said: “It’s a privilege to support the Trust this evening by helping raise morale and showing that local businesses like ours appreciate what staff are doing. We feel a real sense of camaraderie between front line NHS staff delivering care and ordinary people doing their bit by staying at home and protecting the NHS. We’re hoping to visit other Trust sites in Barnsley, Calderdale and Kirklees in the coming weeks.”

Video van lights up #clapforcarers

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