Our members’ council elections – Dylan’s story


Nominations to stand for election to our members’ council opened on Monday 11 January. Dylan Degman is an ex-service user, carer, and current volunteer for our Trust. He has been involved in many projects across the Trust, working to improve our services and gain service user feedback. He now works in the NHS full time.

Dylan told us what being a governor on our members’ council and a member of the Trust means to him.

“After many years of struggle and hardship I found myself amazed by the level of support and advice I had gained form South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust. I have been on a long recovery journey that has been challenging. With the support of the Trust I was able to adapt myself to become better and to give back to the people who aided me and many other service users.

“Being part of the members’ council has helped me to collectively shape and develop the care provided by the Trust and improve services for the people in our communities. The members’ council provides a place to learn and understand what the Trust does and how I can help improve upon that.

“It is a wonderful experience. As well as the important information you discover and meetings you attend, you meet new people who become a family of people who share experiences and ideas to innovate and improve on services to provide the best care possible.

“If you are thinking about joining our members’ council then I would say that if you are open, honest and transparent and you have a flair for care and improvement, then please apply as soon as you can because we look forward to your fresh perspective.”

If you would like to apply to join our members’ council, visit our election website.

Our members’ council elections – Dylan’s story

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