EPMA going live at Poplars


Electronic Prescribing and Administration of Medications (EPMA) is a key development for the Trust; designed to improve patient safety, efficiency in service delivery, improve quality of data and deliver financial benefits for our organisation. The system is going live on Poplars on 18th January and Lyndhurst on 25 January.

Staff with two of our new ‘computers on wheels’

EPMA will focus firstly on the 32 inpatient wards across the Trust in all localities and BDUs and will replace the current paper medication chart with an electronic medication chart within SystmOne. This will support one service user record within the Trust. The medication chart can be opened from any device that has SystmOne access on it including the new computer on wheels that have been delivered to every ward. The EPMA system will enable the prescribing, supply and administration of medicines electronically and will bring with it a significant range of benefits.

Dr Brett Molloy said: “EPMA will allow me to remotely manage minor changes to patient medication minimising unnecessary travel, and most importantly means I won’t have to rewrite expired drug charts.”

Kalvinder Uppal, pharmacist, said: “Remote access to electronic medication charts will improve pharmacy medicines management, supply and clinical support services.”

Our EPMA team have been working hard over the last six months preparing to roll out the system. Nursing, medical and pharmacy staff working on these areas have been contacted for training  Any staff working on these areas who have not been trained should look on our EPMA intranet page for training date availability. Just go to the A-Z and click on ‘EPMA’.

The new system will be rolling out across all inpatient ward areas over the coming months. Staff can contact the team via email: epma.systmone@swyt.nhs.uk

EPMA going live at Poplars

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