LGBT+ history month – Carol’s story


LGBT+ history month is an annual celebration that provides education and insight into the issues that the LGBT+ community faces. Throughout the event we will be celebrating by hearing from some of our LGBT+ staff.

Carol Harris, director of operations

“I don’t know if my story is helpful or interesting to anyone, it doesn’t have any controversy or drama.  I’m just a mum who is fiercely proud of my three kids and who they all are. This really is my eldest, Alice’s story.

“Around 14 years ago, when my daughter Alice was 15, she was receiving a lot of phone calls and messages throughout the day and night from a girl that was outside her usual friendship group.  She would say ‘oh it’s just my friend’ if I asked who had called.  I didn’t plan to force any big ‘coming out’ revelation and for no reason, other than being a nosy mum. Worried about calls in the early hours, I commented one day that she got a lot of calls from someone who was ‘just a friend’ and was Alice sure that was what she was?  Alice replied with something like ‘she’s a bit more than a friend’.  From then on, Alice has had girlfriends and is now in a long-term relationship. We have a gorgeous granddaughter who has two mums, thanks to the help of Manchester fertility centre.

“Alice remembered wanting to crawl in a hole when I first asked that question and was relieved that I had a problem with calls coming in at 3am rather than the fact she was attracted to girls.  Alice says she is lucky because some of her friends have had very different experiences.  I think that I am the lucky one really – all my kids are fab.  I just want them to be with people they love and who love them back.

“If we did wonder what grandparents would think it wasn’t for very long.  Our youngest son unilaterally decided to help with letting grandparents know that Alice liked girls. He was five with a vocabulary that far exceeded his years and understanding.  His choice of words wasn’t always accurate but near enough to make the point.  My mother in law, relayed the conversation they had whilst peeling carrots together”

“Gran Pauline, Alice is a bisexual”

“Oh, that’s nice love”

“That was that then. Sorted.”

LGBT+ history month – Carol’s story

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