The Trust is tackling Hate Crime in partnership with the West Yorkshire Police


The Trust are proud to be working closely with the West Yorkshire Police to tackle the important issue of Hate Crime.

Cherill Watterston, the Trust’s WRES Organisational Development Lead and ambassador for cultural change, has built a partnership with the Police to secure their support for the work of the Equity Guardians. The Equity Guardians offer support and advice to frontline staff who experience racist abuse whilst at work. The Police recognise incidents of racist abuse as Hate Crime and are keen to eradicate them.

Last week, Mark Brooks, interim chief executive of the Trust, showed his support for this important work by attending the anti Hate Crime awareness stand, run by the Police and Trust staff within both Fieldhead and Pinderfields hospital.

At the event, Mark commented “I am so pleased that we are building an important partnership with the West Yorkshire Police in order to address the difficult and upsetting issue of Hate Crime. There is no place for racism of any type within the Trust and we are committed to working closely with Police colleagues, to resolve any hate crime incidents. Thankfully, racially motivated abuse is uncommon within the Trust.  However, I encourage anyone who experiences racist abuse from a service user to contact the Equity Guardians so that they can offer helpful support.”

Police Sergeant  Mark Beet, Wakefield District Partnerships  says “Hate crimes / hate incidents can take place anywhere, including the home, in the streets, at work, online or at school. No-one should have to live with the fear, anxiety and consequences of hate. Reporting it when it happens will help the Police to deal with it and may prevent these incidents from happening to someone else. You can report via 999 if an emergency, 101 for non emergencies, at a police station or online through the West Yorkshire Police website.”

You can find information about Hate Hurts and online reporting here: –

The Trust is tackling Hate Crime in partnership with the West Yorkshire Police

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