We sign up to go smokefree with NHS Pledge

Chief executive Mark Brooks with the Barnsley QUIT team

Our Trust has signed the NHS Smokefree Pledge to show our commitment to helping smokers to quit and providing supportive smokefree environments.

The NHS Smokefree Pledge has been designed by the Smokefree Action Coalition and is endorsed by NHS England, Public Health England and the Public Health Minister, Steve Brine MP.

By signing the pledge, we also commit to ensuring that smokers within the NHS have access to the medication they need to quit. The cost of smoking to the NHS in England is £2.5 billion every year, and 1 in 4 patients in hospital is a smoker.

Mark Brooks

South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust hosts stop smoking service Yorkshire Smokefree, which has successfully helped thousands of people across the region to quit smoking through their friendly and personalised telephone, video call and online support.

Trust chief executive Mark Brooks said: “I am very pleased to sign the pledge on behalf of our Trust. Smoking places a significant additional burden on health and social care services. We know that by quitting smoking, people can significantly increase their chances of living a longer life; in fact it takes just 20 minutes to make a difference to your health. By offering people the right support, we can work towards achieving a smokefree future and enabling people to enjoy feeling healthier.”

Marie Burnham

Trust chair Marie Burnham commented: “Our stop smoking services are already doing a fantastic job of helping people to live smokefree lives. Many people think about quitting smoking for their health, for financial reasons, or for the health of their families – whatever your situation, there is always a good reason to stop smoking. By signing the pledge we further demonstrate our commitment to supporting our local communities on our journey to becoming smokefree.”



Dr Subha Thiyagesh

Medical director Dr Subha Thiyagesh added: “Smoking is the leading cause of premature death and disease and kills 79,000 people in England every year. Quitting lowers your blood pressure and heart rate almost immediately, and your risk of a heart attack declines within 24 hours. By signing the pledge we show our determination to help as many smokers to quit as possible, improving their health and reducing the smoking burden placed on the NHS.”

We sign up to go smokefree with NHS Pledge

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