Showcasing best practice in Barnsley


The Trust’s health visitors in Barnsley have taken part in a Booktrust film which promotes the importance of reading with children from an early age. The team were asked to take part in the film after they were highlighted as an ideal candidate by the Bookstart coordinator in Barnsley.

Booktrust aims to engage people with reading and promote the benefits it can bring. To help to achieve this, the organisation runs the Bookstart programme, which provides free books to encourage parents to enjoy reading with their child from an early age.

As part of their role, health visitors give new parents the Bookstart pack during the child’s 6-8 month development assessment. The packs encourage parents to share stories, rhymes and songs with their baby.

Alison Addy, team leader for health visiting said, “It’s great for us to give new parents the Bookstart packs, they’re a good tool to help shape routine and promote engagement between parent and child.

“When giving out the books we explain about the health and wellbeing benefits of books and reading and how they support early brain development. We also talk about how they are a good way of encouraging early learning and enhancing the bond between parent and child.”

The Bookstart film will be used to train future health visitors and share good practice on how to gift the packs. Alison added, “We were really pleased to be asked to take part in the filming, it’s a good way of aiding other people’s learning and showing the good practice that is taking place in Barnsley.”

View the film on the Booktrust website.

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One of the Trust’s health visitors talks to a parent in Barnsley about the benefits of reading with their child

Showcasing best practice in Barnsley

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