Fighting the flu jab fiction


Myths around the flu jab are a major barrier to people getting protection from the flu virus. That’s why our Trust is working harder than ever this winter to help our staff feel assured that the jab is safe and effective.

Flu can be a devastating illness. The jab is one of the few ways we have of protecting our staff from it, and of course the people they care for.

Earlier this year we asked 500 staff whether they’d be having the flu jab this winter and then tailored a communication campaign around their feedback. We found that many staff believe that the jab doesn’t work, that it gives you flu or that you can’t get flu if you’re healthy. They also told us they didn’t want to feel pressured into having the jab. So we’ve created an innovative communications campaign which takes an understanding tone about their concerns. Take a look at this animation.

We also have more jab clinics than ever before as well as an army of ‘peer to peer’ vaccinators. These volunteers are going directly to staff so that they don’t need to take time out from their busy days to have the jab.

Fighting the flu jab fiction

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