Kirklees & Calderdale are early implementers for integrated IAPT


By 2020/21 over 1.5 million people with common mental health problems each year will access psychological therapies. People with common mental health problems often also have physical long term conditions such as diabetes or cardiovascular disease. When mental and physical health problems are treated in an integrated way people can achieve better outcomes. NHS England is supporting 22 Early Implementer projects across the country to lead the way in integrating psychological therapies with physical health care. Calderdale and Kirklees are 2 of the areas.


In Calderdale psychological therapies will be embedded into cardiovascular , respiratory and diabetes pathways. This will enable service users to get a full package of physical and psychological support. Long term conditions champions will be developed across each service. Champions work closely with physical healthcare services and professionals including physiotherapists, respiratory nurses and cardio nurses. They will provide and attend training, and engage with GPs to embed psychological therapy into surgeries.


Greater Huddersfield and North Kirklees plan to develop integrated care pathways with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, dementia care, cardio vascular disease, diabetes and pain management. Existing links with the providers of support for people with long term conditions will be used to further develop pathways so that the extended service is an integral part of them. The service will be co-located within GP practices and the acute trusts. To support physical health professionals in identifying and referring people who would benefit from the integrated service the team are developing a screening tool.

Kirklees & Calderdale are early implementers for integrated IAPT

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