Crofton reminiscence lounge opens for VE Day


One of our occupational therapists at Fieldhead Hospital is spreading happiness through sharing her collection of memorabilia with patients and staff.

Ruth Wood works on the Crofton ward, which provides assessment and treatment for people aged 65 and over who are experiencing mental health problems.  She’s brought her collection of objects into one of the lounges in time for VE Day, where it will remain on display for the foreseeable future.

Ruth said: “I love working with older people and know the value of reminiscence. I’ve been round nursing homes with my collection in my own time before and the response from residents there was wonderful.”

Ruth Wood with her collection

After getting such a positive response from people outside work, Ruth decided she would like her collection to benefit staff and patients on Crofton. She’s accumulated a treasure trove of items to take people on a trip down memory lane – including a dolly tub and peg, identity cards, ration books, a typewriter, candle snuffer, box Brownie camera and a non-electric hoover.

Ruth said: “Patients seem to be really enjoying looking through the memorabilia, I see lots of smiles and hear people sharing memories about family. It’s also interesting for some of our younger members of staff who have no idea what some of the items are until they ask patients. This exchange of knowledge and experiences benefits everyone on the ward.”

In preparation for VE Day patients have been making poppies and bunting. Crofton ward is celebrating VE Day with a socially distanced afternoon tea party.

Crofton reminiscence lounge opens for VE Day

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