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IAPT service case studies

Here are some typical stories of how we have helped.

Feedback from the ‘Living well with long term conditions’ course

The therapists were amazing. Very friendly, approachable and full of knowledge. The course was very interesting and has given me the tools I need to deal with things that may happen in my life.

I found the first few lessons a bit difficult to understand and accept. I then found that by the third or fourth lesson I understand much more. An excellent course and excellent therapists.

The course presenters were excellent – entertaining, considerate and very knowledgeable – made it a great experience.


“I’m married with two children and I’m a school secretary. I’ve always been a healthy person, but a while back I started to feel really stressed, particularly as I might be made redundant.

I was feeling really low when I woke up, and it was a struggle to get out of bed. Some days I felt fine but the bad days became more frequent and impacted on my work and my family. It came to a head when I burst into tears at work; but my boss was lovely and advised that I see my GP.

My GP explained how anxiety could make me feel so low and referred me to the IAPT service. They helped me access a self-help programme and stayed in touch with me once a week. By the end of the programme, I understood why I had been feeling the way I did. I had learnt some really useful ways of coping for the future and felt more in control of my life.”


“I live with my partner and three young children and over the last year I have been feeling more and more stressed. I finally plucked up the courage to talk to my GP and he suggested the IAPT service may help as I was struggling to cope and I knew my anxiety, irritability and stress were getting worse.

I was assessed as needing something called Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) – it sounded a bit scary, but in fact it has been fantastic and has really helped. The therapist gave me some information to read along with an activity and mood monitoring sheet. This helped me see when and where my anxiety and stress levels were increasing.

I soon noticed that by managing my time better and by beginning to do things that I used to enjoy my confidence and ability to manage my stress and anxiety began to improve. We also talked about how hard it is to switch off my thoughts about things like work, the future and my children’s health. The CBT has really helped me sort through and re-evaluate my internal thoughts, so I now know how to switch off and relax.

I was also struggling to sleep but my therapist suggesting using a sleep diary; this helped me monitor my sleep pattern and I have made some positive changes to my routines – meaning I now also sleep so much better and am able to take on the coming day! I wish I had gone to my GP sooner as the IAPT service has helped me get back on track.”


“For the last 10 years I have worked in maintenance and supplies, and then I lost my job. Since then my mood got worse and worse, I wouldn’t communicate with friends and family and stopped all my hobbies and interests. I preferred to be isolated, just staying in bed and watching TV.

I had no interest in my appearance anymore – where was the point when I wasn’t even working? I stopped showering or changing my clothes and was increasingly irritable with my wife and daughter.

My GP put me in touch with IAPT and my therapist suggested that I looked at my activity levels and my continual avoidance of things. It soon became clear to me that this is what was keeping me locked in a depressive cycle.

I was able to set small targets and introduce purposeful activities – all this helped improve my low mood. But I was still having lots of negative thoughts about myself, – so my therapist showed me how I could write down all these unhelpful thoughts. Through this therapy I was able to rethink all those negative thoughts and was able to make more changes to my behaviour and thoughts about myself and my future.

Things are feeling much better now, I enjoy spending time with my family and I am confident that I will find another job again soon.”

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