Planned building work at the Bretton Centre

We are planning to make some changes to the Bretton Centre

The Bretton Centre is a male low secure mental health unit.  It sits within the Fieldhead hospital site in Wakefield, which provides a wider range of mental health, learning disability and community services.

We are planning to refurbish the wards, install en-suite facilities in the bedrooms and improve the wider ward areas.  You can view the plans here​.

Why are we making these changes?

  • We recognise that our service users will recover more quickly in modern and comfortable surroundings
  • It is essential that our service users are in hygienic and safe accommodation while they are with us
  • Last year there was an outbreak of Covid-19 within the Bretton Centre.  Future outbreaks can be better contained if the service users have their own bathrooms.  Currently, service users have to walk across wards to reach shared bathroom facilities. This brings them into contact with other people and increases the risk of cross infection
  • We talked to the service users about the current ward accommodation. Many of them voiced hygiene and privacy concerns about sharing bathrooms with other service users
  • The new en-suite facilities will ensure service users’ privacy and dignity are protected, which is key to their long term recovery
  • The adapted ward areas will improve ‘lines of sight’, making it easier for us to safeguard service users and staff
  • The new ward areas will help us to deliver the best care possible for some of the most vulnerable people in society

When will the building work take place?

Subject to Trust board and Planning approval, the work will start in early 2022 and last approximately 15 months.

Building work will be carried out between 7.30am – 5pm Monday to Friday.

How will the building work affect local residents?

The completed works should not affect the local area as we’re not expanding or significantly changing the skyline of the Fieldhead site.

The unit will continue to face into the Fieldhead site. The unit’s fence line will not change and we will have the same overall footprint within the Fieldhead site. The change in levels across Fieldhead will hide the bulk of the facility from any view from the rear – although the addition of mechanical and engineering plant space on the first floor will add some limited height. There is enough parking on site for the construction works and Trust staff, so there should be no increase in traffic or parking in local residential areas.

However, we recognise that the planned building works may cause disruption for our neighbours during the build period. ​​Everything will be done to minimise disruption caused by the building work and any issues will be dealt with quickly.

If there any changes to the plans, we promise we will let local residents know in advance.  We will also keep residents up to date with building progress.

Have your Say

Deputy director, Sue Threadgold said “We are looking forward to improving the Bretton Centre as we think it will greatly help our service users’ recovery.  We are very grateful for the support of local residents and will do everything we can to make sure that the building work is carried out promptly and with minimal disruption.

We are encouraging local residents to contact us as soon as possible to discuss any concerns they have about the building proposals.  Please contact any of the following members of Trust staff:

We are more than happy to share our plans with you and hear your views, however if you wish for any of your comments to be formally taken into consideration by the Local Authority as part of the planning application process, you can formally submit your comments to the local authority planning team here​.

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