Individual awards

We had four categories for individuals who can work in any clinical or a non-clinical role. The shortlist was made up of one person from each BDU and support services.

Unsung hero – view our winners

Recognising someone who truly lives our values and makes a difference. They may not always get the praise and recognition for what they do; this is your chance to shine a light on their attitude, work and commitment.

Leader of the year – view our winners

This is for anybody who has excellent leadership skills; they do not need to be in a formal management role. This award recognises the importance of ‘leading from every seat’ in the Trust, inspiring others and taking people with them.

Rising star – view our winners

Recognising anyone who is on the up in their career, whether new into the Trust or in an evolving role. This is for someone who has a bright future in front of them; they can inspire change and are making a real difference.

Outstanding achievement – view our winners

This is for someone who has made an outstanding contribution to the Trust and its work. They may have been working for the NHS for a long time or perhaps they have triumphed over adversity – either way, they have achieved something remarkable.

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