Research and development

The Trust has an in house research and development (R&D) department that manages, facilitates and governs all research to ensure it reflects services and the geographical area the Trust serves.

The R&D department is a single point of contact for all Trust research related enquiries. Support is available to staff, patients/service users and carers who would like to become more involved in research as well as those who are established researchers. Advice and information is available on NHS research approval, ethics, the research passport, letters of access, training and funding opportunities, patient/service user and carer involvement in research and dissemination. Read more in the R&D department leaflet (PDF)

The R&D Department has recently completed a which has been approved by the Trust Board and sets out the capabilities and resources that are available in the Trust to support research.

It’s OK to ask

The National Institute for Health Research (NIRH) launched their ‘it’s OK to ask’ campaign in 2013. The campaign encouraged patients to ask their doctor about clinical research, and whether taking part in a study might be right for them as part of their care. It was launched following the results of a survey which found only 21% of patients and the public said that they would feel confident asking their doctor about research opportunities.

The pledge, launched on International Clinical Trials Day, aimed to give people better access to the potential benefits of participating in research studies including clinical trials. You can find out more about the campaign and how successful it was by visiting the NIRH website.