NHS awards staff for long service


NHS workers from North Kirklees received recognition for their long service awards at a special event held by the South West Yorkshire Mental Health Trust today. The long serving North Kirklees staff – who have notched up over 101 years NHS service between them – received gift vouchers and certificates at an event held at St Luke’s hospital, Huddersfield.

The four North Kirklees staff who received awards have all worked for the NHS for 25 years or more. They were; Barry Kenny, community psychiatric nurse from Priestley Unit, Dewsbury; Dilys Peacock, head occupational therapist from Priestley Unit; Susan Fox, carer support officer from Pathways day centre, Mirfield and Debbie Riley, specialist addictions nurse from Kirklees Lifeline.

Susan Fox (carer support officer) said, "It’s been interesting to see how everything has evolved and changed in the NHS over the years. I think the highlight of my career has been developing a service for carers and being in a position to help and support people. Prior to that there were nothing provided for carers but it’s really grown over the last few years."

Dilys Peacock (occupational therapist) said "I came into occupational therapy by chance but I stayed for so long because I found it such a rewarding career. I enjoy working with patients and carers particularly people with dementia. "

Trust chief executive Steven Michael who presented the awards said, "This event is a great opportunity for South West Yorkshire Mental Health Trust to thank our long serving staff for their remarkable contribution to the NHS. Their hard work and dedication helps to improve the lives of so many people with mental health problems and learning disabilities in the area. I’m delighted to present these awards as a token of the Trust’s appreciation of the commitment shown by these members of staff.”

NHS awards staff for long service

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