Local NHS Trust supports ‘ask about medicines week’


In support of Ask About Medicines Week, which will take place between 3rd -7th November, South West Yorkshire Mental Health NHS Trust is urging people who take prescribed medicines for mental health problems to learn more about their medicines and be involved in their choice of treatment.

Ask About Medicines is an independent campaign that encourages people to ask more questions about the medicines they take and try to get a better understanding of them. This year the focus of the campaign is people with mental health problems.

The Trust’s medicine management pharmacist, Kate Dewhirst said, "You should always have a clear understanding of the medicine you have been prescribed, as well as its implications, before you start taking it. This might involve asking your GP questions such as, ‘What does this medicine do? Are there any other treatment options? What are the side effects? And what else do I need to be aware of? You can find leaflets on various mental health drugs on the Trust’s website at www.southwestyorkshire.nhs.uk."

The Ask About Medicines campaign aims to get people asking the questions that will help them to make informed choices about which medicines to take, if at all.

If you, or someone you care for suffers from mental health problems, and would like more information about medicines and mental health, speak to your GP or healthcare professional or visit www.choiceandmedication.org.uk.

Local NHS Trust supports ‘ask about medicines week’

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