Getting new workers started


To help get new starters up and running as quickly and efficiently as possible, the communications team has been working with HR to revamp the new starter packs.

A new web section has been added to the Trust website which gives new recruits access to all the policies and procedures they need to read before they enter the workplace. As part of the conditions of employment new starters with the Trust must now complete the online declaration form confirming they have made themselves aware of the Trust’s key policies as well as returning a signed copy of the terms and conditions of employment. All details are logged by HR to ensure this requirement has been fulfilled.

Before the starter packs got modernised the recruitment team was required to print, package and post around 30 packs a month. This was costly both in time and resources, and also not inline with the Trust’s outlook on sustainability.

The old packs cost £1.32 each to post out, but now with standard documents removed and placed on the website they only cost the price of a first class stamp, 41p. This is a massive saving and reduces the amount of waste that was involved in each pack – as well as the costs of staff time in assembling the packs.

Sandy Nicholas, human resources manager (recruitment services), said, "The new starter website is a great tool for all the recruitment team. It frees up our time to focus on other duties and reduces the amount of waste we produce. The new process is more efficient in terms of cost and resources and we have also had some great feedback from new starters who have used the easy system."

The Trust’s web developer who set up the online system said, "Technology offers some great opportunities to increase efficiency, both for the Trust and the end user themselves. The communications team were very happy to help HR increase their efficiency and save costs, as well as, importantly, give our new starters a positive and professional first impression of their new employer."

Getting new workers started

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