Calderdale residents urged to check sleeping habits


The South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust is asking Calderdale residents to take a look at their sleeping habits as a part of national Mental Health Awareness Week that runs from Monday 23 to Friday 30 May 2011.

The Mental Health Foundation holds an awareness week each year and works with people and organisations across the UK to help raise awareness of important public health issues which are often neglected. Previous years have seen innovative campaigns on topics such as fear and anxiety and loneliness – this year’s topic is sleep.

South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, which provides mental health and some specialist community services in Calderdale, is supporting the campaign and reminding local people of the benefits of sleep and how sleep disorders can significantly impact on health and wellbeing.

Denise Donnelly, head of health improvement, said: "It is very important that we all look after our wellbeing and physical health as this can impact upon mental health.

"Sleep may not immediately come to mind when we talk about wellbeing but it is as important to our health as eating, drinking and breathing. Poor sleep can increase the risks of having health problems, including depression, anxiety, immune deficiency and heart disease, yet up to one third of us currently suffer from insomnia or another sleep disorder.

"If you are concerned about your sleeping habits, or about any other aspect of your health or wellbeing, please contact your GP."

A range of resources have been produced for Mental Health Awareness Week this year, including ‘Sleep Well: A Pocket Guide to Better Sleep’ and a Sleep Relaxation MP3, which are available from the Mental Health Foundation website at and also from

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Calderdale residents urged to check sleeping habits

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