Have a picnic for Carers Week


To mark ‘Carers week 2011’, which runs from 13th -19th June, South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust is encouraging local people to ‘have a break and have a picnic’.

As part of this year’s campaign, which is lead by charities nationwide including Dementia UK, people are asked to hold a picnic to help raise awareness of the 6 million carers in the UK.

The UK’s carers are, quite literally, indispensable. By providing unpaid care for someone they know who is ill, frail or disabled, they save the economy an incredible £87 billion. As well as taking time out at a picnic to recognise their work, this year’s Carers Week sets out to reveal ‘The True Face of Carers’.

Carers have been asked to complete a survey about the reality of caring in the UK in 2011. How hard is life as a carer? What are the biggest surprises that you encounter as a carer?

The conclusions will be revealed during the awareness week to help dispel myths about caring and to celebrate the valuable role carers play in society. Local people can help raise awareness of the issues carers face at the same time as celebrate their hard work by holding their own picnic.

The Trust recognises the valuable role carers play and runs special groups for carers at the same time as trying to put them in touch with other local organisations who can provide them with additional help and support.

Chief executive Steven Michael said, “It is important for us to remember the needs of carers as well as the needs of people who use our services, and support them as best we can. As well as running dialogue and support groups for carers, we also organise a variety of events throughout the year. Through activities such as carers’ treats days, information stalls and carers’ days out, we aim to not only highlight the issues carers face, but to also celebrate their vital role and let people know what support is available.

He added, "I hope local people take the opportunity to support Carers Week by holding their own picnic or attending one to raise awareness of the issues carers face, but to also celebrate their vital role.”

To find out more about Carers Week and how to take part contact info@carersweek.org or call 0845 241 2582

For more information about the Trust’s dialogue groups contact the inclusion team on (freephone) 0800 587 2103. There is also detailed information on the Trust’s website for local carers including how carers can get help and advice, carers’ assessments and ways to be involved in improving local services. Visit www.southwestyorkshire.nhs.uk

Have a picnic for Carers Week

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