No going back for Calderdale quitter


A Calderdale man has turned his life and health around after quitting a 30-a-day habit, with help from staff at South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust.

Osmani, from Halifax, had his last cigarette on 4 June 2012, ahead of Ramadan, an important fixture in the Muslim calendar. He said, “You cannot smoke during Ramadan, but my wish was not to be a smoker at any time.

“My two eldest children were always having a go at me for smoking – they think it’s disgusting – and my youngest has a number of health issues which I didn’t want to contribute to with my second-hand smoke; they deserve better.

“I was put in contact with the Calderdale Specialist NHS Stop Smoking Service by my GP. At my first session, I set myself a quit date for four days later and was given NRT in the form of patches and a spray. That was more than two months ago and I haven’t had a cigarette since.”

Osmani has found that the benefits of not smoking extend much further than saving money and feeling fitter.

“I used to use an inhaler for asthma every day: on waking, after walking – whenever I needed it. Since becoming a non-smoker, I haven’t used it once.

“My daughter says I smell lovely now, too – I didn’t even realise how bad smoke smelled before, but now I can’t stand it. I just feel so much better: Ramadan is a completely different experience as a non-smoker, and I am looking forward to exercising now that my health has improved, too.”

Jan Spence, stop smoking specialist, said, “Osmani has really impressed me with his attitude and commitment – he set an early quit date, stuck to it and has been reaping the benefits ever since. Two months on, he’s a different person and is even helping others to stay on track – we have group sessions for people who are going through our stop smoking programme and support and motivation often comes from other group members. Words from someone in the same position can be so much better-received than those from a health professional, and Osmani is always willing to share his tips for success!”

Osmani’s number one tip is to think of those you love. “Don’t be selfish. That’s what I was doing – being selfish to my family. People say it’s hard to quit, but if you can start then you can stop!

“Everything has changed for me since I quit smoking – it’s like a miracle.”

The Calderdale Specialist NHS Stop Smoking Service can be contacted on 01422 281505 or by emailing


No going back for Calderdale quitter

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