There’s a new way to quit with Yorkshire Smokefree in Doncaster


A new stop smoking service is launching in Doncaster which enables smokers looking to kick the habit to pick and mix their support.

Yorkshire Smokefree, which is run by South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, offers quitters the chance to choose support in person, on the phone, or online using its innovative online support programme.

Smokers in Doncaster can choose to access just one of the methods of support or all three to increase their chances of successfully quitting. The service is free, flexible and run by NHS experts who have already helped thousands of people across Yorkshire to stop smoking.

Yorkshire Smokefree’s new online quit programme is available 24/7 from computers, phones and tablets, and allows users to create their own personal plans, set a quit date and chat online with qualified advisors.

Telephone support is available 7 days a week from qualified advisors who are on hand through extended opening hours to provide motivation and support either by phone or text.

Trained advisors will also be available in Doncaster Market every Tuesday throughout September from 10am – 3:30pm offering expert advice.

Yorkshire Smokefree in Doncaster offers quitters free nicotine replacement therapy for up to 8 weeks, helping them to make savings of up to £120.

Simon Lister, service manager of Yorkshire Smokefree in Doncaster, said: “It takes just 20 minutes for you to notice the benefits stopping smoking has on your health as your blood pressure and pulse return to normal. After just six months, your risk of diseases such as heart attack and cancer begin to fall.

“If you’re thinking about quitting, or you’ve struggled to quit in the past, Yorkshire Smokefree’s new way to quit could be what you need. Getting tailored help andsupport that suits you gives you a better chance of quitting and living your life smoke-free.”

To find out more about Yorkshire Smokefree, visit or call 0800 6120011 (free from landlines) or 0330 6601166 (free from most mobiles).

There’s a new way to quit with Yorkshire Smokefree in Doncaster

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