Volunteers’ Week spotlight: Nigel’s story


Volunteers’ week (1 – 7 June) is an annual celebration of the fantastic contribution millions of volunteers make across the UK. Volunteering isn’t just about offering your skills, knowledge and expertise to an organisation like ours – it’s about what you can get back too. Throughout the week we’ll be sharing inspirational stories from people who have offered their time to change other people’s lives, and have in turn managed to change their own. Here’s Nigel’s story:

“I was already involved in volunteering for the Trust as a befriender and had been offered a lot of opportunities training. Becoming involved with the Recovery College opened up more opportunities for training, which were relevant for my goals.

“Being involved with the co-development and particularly the co-delivery of the courses has benefitted me in that it has enabled me to become comfortable talking about my own issues and how I live well with them. Putting these ideas out there gives me the feeling that others can take something beneficial from the sessions. I have seen many students attending our mental health workshops, which is just a fraction of the total number of students for the Recovery College. There have been a number of times when our teams have received heartening comments and feedback and we have felt good about what we have achieved.”

Find out how to become a volunteer for our Trust here.

Volunteers’ Week spotlight: Nigel’s story

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