Trust receives accreditation for high standard of restraint reduction training


The Trust’s reducing restrictive physical intervention team has received accreditation for “putting the service user at the centre of everything” when dealing with incidents of violence and aggression through offering advice, support and training to staff.

Being certified by the Bild Association of Certified Training demonstrates that our reducing restrictive physical intervention training complies with the Restraint Reduction Network (RRN) Training Standards. These standards include:

• improving the quality of life of those being restrained and those supporting them
• reducing the reliance on restrictive practices by promoting positive culture and practice that focuses on prevention and de-escalation
• focusing on the safest and most dignified use of restrictive interventions including physical restraint

To achieve accreditation the team worked with colleagues to review their training material, update policies and procedures and developed new approaches to deliver training. This was then assessed by external examiners, involving a face to face observation session and an interview panel, which included experts by experience.

The experts by experience described the team as “compassionate” and said that it was clearly visible in their presentation and interview that they showed ‘empathy and put the service user at the centre of everything they do’.

Assistant director of nursing, quality and professions Emma Cox said: “Our training supports staff to recognise and prevent potential or actual aggressive behaviours. It helps to prepare staff for any situations that they are likely to face in their job role and gives them the skills to develop positive relationships that can reduce the potential for aggression and violence.

“Wherever possible, we use the least restrictive practices. Restrictive practice is sometimes needed to keep someone safe, so when it is necessary, we make sure it is carried out safely and professionally to reduce distress.

“Receiving the accreditation ensures that our training promotes human rights and reduces the use of restrictive practices and shows that we are compliant with national standards designed to make a difference to people’s lives.”


Trust receives accreditation for high standard of restraint reduction training

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