Good things happen when you stop smoking in 2024


Have you tried to give up smoking before but found it hard to keep it up? Did you know that you are up to three times more likely to quit smoking, and stay stopped if you use an NHS stop smoking service?

People in South and West Yorkshire can get free, personalised advice to help them quit smoking from Yorkshire Smokefree (YSF), and the QUIT team in Barnsley. Stop smoking medications, and in some areas, e-cigarettes (also known as vapes) are offered as part of this help to quit. There is also support for NHS staff who are working in Yorkshire, to quit smoking too.

When you quit smoking, there are some immediate and long-term health benefits:

  • After 20 minutes your pulse rate returns to normal
  • Over the next 72 hours, carbon monoxide and all traces of nicotine are removed from your body. Oxygen levels return to normal, and circulation improves. Your sense of taste and smell will improve
  • Within one month your skin quality and appearance will improve.
  • Between 2-12 weeks, circulation significantly improves
  • Between 3-9 months coughing and wheezing declines
  • Within 1 year your excess risk of heart attack reduces by half

Prof. Subha Thiyagesh, the Trust’s chief medical officer said: “Yorkshire Smokefree and the QUIT team in Barnsley are continuing to work together to help service users and staff to quit smoking. We know that smoking addiction affects people’s physical and mental health and their overall wellbeing dramatically. In 2024, we want to build on the excellent progress that has been made by YSF and QUIT so that more people can enjoy the health benefits of becoming smokefree.”

You can read on the Yorkshire Smokefree and the QUIT team‘s websites about the support they offer to service users, staff and people living in South and West Yorkshire, or call Yorkshire Smokefree on 0330 660 1166.

You can contact the QUIT team directly to find out about the support they offer service users and staff in Barnsley:

Email:  Tel: 01226 644130.

Good things happen when you stop smoking in 2024

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