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The ‘Our Voice Counts’ Project was commissioned to ensure the voices of the BAME population at Newton Lodge were heard and everyone was given equitable opportunity to be involved.

‘Our Voice Counts’ followed on from other inequalities projects in West Yorkshire that highlighted a need to raise awareness of the BAME population experience.

Experiences of service users from a BAME background at Newton Lodge were gathered via a series of face-to-face meetings using guided questions and appreciative enquiry in conversation.

Views of staff were also collected around the experiences of the BAME population, including any good practice.

Data was also collated and compared to local demographic information. Themes and trends were identified as follows:

1. Feeling Safe

2. Staff Relationships

3. Religious & Cultural Need

4. Religious & Cultural Knowledge

5. Food

6. Family

7. The Men’s Pathway

8. The Women’s Pathway

The report then used these headers to share the narrative of the Service Users and Staff themselves through direct quotes.​​​​​​​

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