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Cook and Eat books South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

Our Cook and Eat cook books have been created to help people with learning disabilities cook more meals, with less help. There are four books in the series – which include recipes for baking as well as making small and larger meals.

The books include recipes that are set out as a step-by-step guide, with pictures of ingredients, cutlery and utensils needed for cooking and timings included, so that people can focus on doing the instructions one at a time.

The books are spiral bound to make cooking in the kitchen easier.

There are four books in the series:

  • Small meals – meals you might eat at lunchtime
  • Big meals – meals you might eat at tea time
  • Cooking from scratch – meals you might make if you enjoy cooking
  • Baking – easy and hard recipes

How to buy…

You can buy individual recipe books or purchase all four together and receive a 10% discount!

Books can be purchased directly from our online shop here: Shop – EyUp! Charity ( or you can fill out the order form and email our charity EyUp! on

All proceeds from the sale of these books help fund learning disability, mental health and community services in Barnsley, Calderdale, Kirklees and Wakefield – through our charity EyUp!

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