Clinical psychology (older people’s service)

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About the service

Our team consists of six clinical psychologists, one assistant psychologist (AP) and a team secretary working with older people across the Wakefield area.

All clinical psychologists in the team link across the older people’s psychology (OPS) pathway including the Rapid Access Service (RAS), community mental health teams (CMHTs), memory service, intensive home based treatment team (IHBTT), and inpatient wards (including Poplars and Crofton).

The team specialise in providing assessment and evidence based psychological therapies to older people. They work with other members of staff, providing knowledge and expertise to inform psychological care planning through training, consultation and supervision.

The team works closely with the Wakefield memory service, offering detailed expert neuropsychological assessments to aid diagnosis (where the presentation is complex) and to provide interventions and support the management of cognitive and behavioural difficulties where appropriate.

The people we see often have specialist needs and we offer approaches which are tailored to the needs of the service user, drawing on the latest evidence-based practice to support greater understanding and self-management. Support is offered on both an individual or group basis.

For some people, however, therapy is not what they want or are ready for. Therefore, as part of our assessment process, we work with people to develop a shared understanding of the challenges they face so we can support people to access the help they need.

We also offer consultation, support and training to our professional colleagues to support psychological thinking and inform their clinical work.

Why would someone choose the service?

Referrals to our service are seen as soon as possible and are prioritised based on clinical need.

Our psychologists are well trained and keep up-to-date with the most effective and appropriate treatments and assessments. They put the needs of service users at the centre of all decisions and respect their wishes when delivering care.

People using our service are treated as individuals and are given the utmost dignity and respect during their care. We work closely with service users and where appropriate their family or carers to develop individually tailored care plans and ensure that they are always involved in decisions made throughout their care.

We work closely with other professionals involved in the person’s care, enabling joined up coordinated care.

The feedback we receive suggests that people are very happy with the help they receive from our service.

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