Dual diagnosis service

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About the service

The dual diagnosis service provides assessment, advice, support and treatment to people with a suspected diagnosis of a mental health condition who also have problematic use of drugs or alcohol (substance misuse). Experiencing both these conditions together is known as dual diagnosis.

The service works in partnership with substance misuse services in Kirklees to help service users achieve greater independence and work towards sustained recovery.

The service provides assessments and reviews in various community settings convenient to service users.

The service acts as a resource for specialist second opinions for consultant psychiatrists and other professionals and provides specialist education to medical and non-medical staff and undergraduate medical students.

We participate in and contribute to the review and development of drug and alcohol-related policies and procedures for the Trust, and also contribute to wider consultations and policy development.

Why would someone choose the service?

  • The threshold for accepting clients for mental health assessments is low and to date, no referrals have been rejected without offering some level of contact.
  • Access to the service is easy. We operate clinics from the Trust as well as from Lifeline/On-TRAK sites and clients are allowed to choose which site they visit if they have a reason not to come to a particular venue.
  • The service’s advanced nurse practitioner offer appointments at all appropriate places in the community including home visits.
  • Where ever possible we endeavour to be flexible with timings.
  • We provide an integrated assessment of both mental health and substance-related needs and provide one joint management plan.
  • We provide prescriptions both for substance-related and mental health treatment under one roof.
  • We make recommendations for detox and rehabilitation taking into account the mental health needs of an individual.
  • We can make internal referrals to other mental health services.

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