Equipment, adaptation and sensory impairment service

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About the service

The equipment, adaptation and sensory impairment service includes:

  • The equipment and adaptations assessment team
  • The sensory impairment team

We help people with physical and/or sensory disabilities. We help people make the most of their abilities to remain as independent and safe as possible in their own home.

The equipment and adaptations team may be able to help with:

  • Advice about different ways of doing things
  • Assistance with obtaining specialist equipment
  • Assistance with adaptations to the home
  • Advice regarding moving and handling
  • Advice and assistance to move to another property if the existing home cannot be adapted

The sensory impairment team is for people who have sight loss, hearing loss or are Deaf, deafened or hard of hearing. The team may be able to help with:

  • Mobility training
  • Assistance with obtaining specialist equipment
  • Advice regarding communication skills, e.g. Braille, use of magnifiers
  • Independent living skills training

You may be helped by a:

  • Occupational therapist
  • Rehabilitation officer
  • Technical officer
  • Equipment and adaptations officer

Why would someone choose the service?

  • 98% of people in a recent satisfaction survey said that the equipment and adaptation/s we provided improved the quality of their life.
  • 99% said we provided information in a way they could understand.
  • Our staff visit people in their own home to discuss the difficulties you are having and look at ways to help keep you independent.
  • We run support sessions for people who have a visual or hearing impairment to help them adjust to their disability and provide information regarding the services that can help.


Staff you may meet