Kirklees mental health primary care pharmacy team

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About the service

Kirklees mental health primary care pharmacy team are an advanced specialist mental health service who will provide support around medication to people in the community.

In our team we have three clinical pharmacists and two pharmacy technicians. All the pharmacists are either trained or training to be non-medical prescribers. We use our expertise to enhance the optimisation of mental health medicines across Kirklees.

We work collaboratively with GP (general practitioner) pharmacy teams so that work isn’t duplicated.

Examples of mental health medicines information

  • Switching advice between agents e.g. antidepressants
  • Initiation and cessation (deprescribing) of mental health medications
  • Adverse drug reaction (side effects) significance, management, and monitoring
  • Drug-drug interactions, drug-disease interactions, significance, management, and monitoring
  • Medication safety and choices with comorbidity such as pregnancy, lactation, renal or hepatic impairment etc
  • Input into improvements with medication adherence, simplification of regime etc, advice on reintroduction of medication after a period of non-adherence
  • Queries relating to shared care of mental health medications
  • Queries relating to ongoing medication and monitoring for people recently discharged from SWYT inpatient wards or outpatient clinics
    Involvement in case reviews

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