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About the service

Live Well Wakefield is a referral based social prescribing and supported self-management service, providing support to adults (18+) who either live in the Wakefield District, or are registered with a Wakefield GP. The team understand that there are many things that can impact on our ability to feel healthy, and remain independent, and they offer information, advice and support for any non-clinical needs people may be experiencing.

The Live Well ‘advisors’ and ‘link workers’ are based in both community and primary care settings across the Wakefield District, and offer both telephone and face to face assessments, as appropriate.

The Live Well Wakefield team have extensive knowledge of services available throughout the district, and regularly update directories of social, exercise and support groups in the local area.

Live Well Wakefield also provides a range of supported self-management courses and workshops helping people living with long term conditions (including Long Covid) to develop tools and techniques to help them live well with their condition. Courses and workshops are currently virtual and will return to being delivered in accessible venues across the Wakefield District in the future. – Please press this link for up to date course and workshop details and dates: Live Well Wakefield.

The service accepts self-referrals and referrals from professionals. To make a referral please complete the secure online referral form available here  Live Well Wakefield, or call us on 01924 255363.

Documents and leaflets

Social/support directories

Live Well Wakefield have directories of social, exercise and support groups in your area, to help people access support in their own communities, and build a support network. The team can help you to find groups you may be interested in, provide you with details and help you make arrangements for your first visit, or you can view the directories below, and see what is available.

(We try our best to keep directories up to date but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many groups have not yet re-established. Please check that groups are running using the contact information in the directories before attending.)

Social prescribing tool

Live Well Wakefield’s assessment tool supports the implementation of recommendations in NICE guidance NG32. The social prescribing tool consists of five sections based on the New Economics Foundation (NEF) Five Ways to Wellbeing. Advisors and link workers identify areas with a low score in the assessment, and work with the individual to help them formulate an action plan, helping to address and improve what matters to them.

Six-month stroke review

Six-month stroke reviews – What are they?

The service offer adults 18+ an appointment six months after the stroke event, to see if there are any non-clinical support needs.

Why are the stroke reviews important?

The team want to make sure everyone who has had a stroke has the best chance of recovery. As well as having treatment such as physiotherapy, it is also useful to have an opportunity to ask about other things such as driving, returning to hobbies, learning new activities, returning to work or keeping healthy.

Who will do the review?

The live well wakefield team will do the six-month reviews for people who live in the Wakefield District. If you attended a Mid Yorkshire Hospital following your stroke, your details will be automatically sent to the live well wakefield team. You do not need to do anything.

What happens during the review?

During the review you will be involved in a conversation about your daily living activities and anything that might have changed since you had your stroke. Your responses will help the team to see if there is any additional help, support or advice that you may benefit from.

What happens after the review?

This depends on what you have talked about, and what you would like to do next. For example, you might be referred to specialist services that can help. You might be given details of local groups of people with similar interests. Or you may carry on with your current care under your GP with annual check-ups if required.

Do I have to have this review?

It is your choice whether you decide to have the review.

Why would someone choose the service?

  • The team will help to support people in maintaining their health and independence
  • They can provide support to navigate health and social care systems
  • Provide links to social groups in the local area
  • The team helps people to better understanding their general health and behaviour and the ways in which it can have a positive and negative effect on health and wellbeing
  • The team promote self-management for those living with a long-term condition or caring for someone living with a long-term condition

Staff you may meet