Boosting health and wellbeing in Wakefield


Local residents were invited to Stanley Community Centre in May to find out how they could improve their health and wellbeing and maintain their independence.

The event was organised by the Trust’s Wakefield health and wellbeing service, which provides a range of community services across the district, aimed at helping local people to remain independent by supporting them to improve and maintain their wellbeing.

During the event people had the opportunity to talk to health and other professionals from a number of these services, about support and advice available to help with a range of topics that can affect a person’s wellbeing.

A number of physical activity taster sessions also took place during the event, giving people the opportunity to try something new. Physical activity can have many positive effects on a person’s physical and mental wellbeing, including keeping their heart healthy, joints supple and minds active. People took part in boccia bowling, chair based activities and games on a Wii Fit machine throughout the afternoon.

Blood pressure checks were also offered during the event along with information about the problems that high blood pressure can cause and tips to reduce it.

This event was organised in partnership with the wheelers and wobblers social group, a local voluntary disabled charity that aims to improve the life and wellbeing of its members, whatever their disability, through sport and social activities.

Speaking about the event, health and wellbeing development service lead Jill Poole said "Sometimes during our lives, for various reasons, we find it more difficult to maintain our independence without a little help and support. This event was a great way to highlight some of the services that are available to people and to ensure that they know how to access the right kind of support when they need it."

Boosting health and wellbeing in Wakefield

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