Relaxation rooms to boost wellbeing open at Fieldhead


Two new rooms with a variety of sensory and relaxation equipment have opened at Fieldhead. The rooms, located on the Trinity and Priory Units, are designed to offer service users a quiet and stress-free space away from the wards.

The Trinity and Priory Units offer specialist mental health inpatient and assessment services and offer a number of therapeutic activities for service users to join in with on a daily basis. Following feedback from service users who had asked for a relaxation space, the activity facilitators based on Trinity Unit, decided to apply for funding to create the rooms.

Lindsey Taylor, activity facilitator on Trinity Two explained, “We wanted to create a space where service users could go to relax and unwind. The rooms are designed to offer a quiet and calm space where people can get away from the everyday stresses they might have.”

To create a relaxing environment, the rooms are kitted out with a variety of therapeutic equipment such as a fiber-optic carpet, mood lights, comfortable seating, infinity light boxes and a sound system with relaxation music.

The rooms can be used by all service users on the wards and they will also be available for staff at the Trust to access as a relaxing space or an area to conduct relaxation sessions with other service users.

After being used for around six weeks, the relaxation rooms have received positive comments from those who have tried them out. One service user said, “I’ve been in the room a few times, it’s amazing!”

Lindsey is pleased with the feedback she’s received so far and said, “The comments we’ve had back have been wonderful. We’ve had nothing but positive feedback from service users who have used the rooms, we’re really pleased. People have gone into the rooms stressed or anxious and have come out relaxed which is what we aimed to achieve.”

Relaxation rooms to boost wellbeing open at Fieldhead

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