Barnsley’s Neurological Rehabilitation Unit raise awareness for Action for Brain Injury Week


The team at Barnsley’s Neurological Rehabilitation Unit have marked this year’s Action for Brain Injury Week with a coffee morning for patients and families at the ward.

Action for Brain Injury Week, led by Headway, is taking place 13–19 May and aims to raise awareness of brain injuries and the impact they have on the whole family. To support this year’s ‘Hats 4 Headway’ theme, the patients and staff on the ward made hats which they wore throughout the coffee morning.

The Neurological Rehabilitation Unit, run by South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, offers state of the art facilities to give patients the best possible surroundings for recovery and rehabilitation.

The unit, within Kendray Hospital in Barnsley, opened in 2012 and has been designed to meet the needs of patients with brain tumours and neurological long term conditions including multiple sclerosis (MS) and head injuries.

Anne Massey, ward manager said, “Action for Brain Injury Week is a great way to raise awareness of all types of brain injury, from the very severe to more mild injuries which can still have major effects on people’s lives.

“Many of our patients are in a low awareness state when they arrive as a result of their injuries and can therefore find communication difficult or impossible. We provide rehabilitation and help the brain to learn alternative ways of working.

“The coffee morning gives patients and their families a chance to meet our team and talk about their experiences. This is a great way of offering further support to the patient to make sure they’re offered the best possible care”

The coffee morning was attended by ward staff and therapists. The service will continue to host coffee morning and evening groups in the future to ensure patients and relatives have the opportunity to discuss concerns, issues and views with staff.

Barnsley’s Neurological Rehabilitation Unit raise awareness for Action for Brain Injury Week

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