Local residents in Barnsley invited to sing for fun


Local people in Barnsley are invited to join the Singing for Fun group in Worsbrough Common to learn or develop their skills for singing, enjoy a new hobby and meet new people.

The Singing for Fun group is run by Worsbrough Common Community Association (WCCA) and is part of their initiative to develop community led activities that address physical and mental health inequalities in local areas in Barnsley.

The group is supported with funding from South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundations Trust’s Creative Minds strategy – which aims to promote more opportunities for people to get involved in creative activities.

The group is led by a professional singing tutor, Debbie Angel, who teaches participants different singing styles with the aim of boosting their confidence as well as their skills.

Paul Walters, the WCCA Development Worker, said

“We would like to invite anyone who has a passion for singing or who would simply like to try it out, to join our Singing for Fun group. You do not have to be able to sing as the methods used by Debbie can be utilised by anyone.

“During the groups everyone has an opportunity to get involved and pick a song that they would like the group to learn to sing. The groups are designed to be fun and inclusive so everyone is made to feel welcome.

“Singing can have a massive impact on a person’s wellbeing, as not only does it boost people’s confidence and give them a sense of achievement it also improves their mood, helps to relieve stress and teaches relaxation methods that people can utilise in other areas of their life.”

The groups are held every Friday, 12 noon to 1pm at Worsbrough Common ICT centre in Barnsley. There is a cost of £2 per session.

Those who attend the sessions can also access information about mainstream services including employment and education support services, financial help and housing information.

Fore more information about the singing for fun group, contact Paul at pwalters.wcca@yahoo.com or come along to the next session


Local residents in Barnsley invited to sing for fun

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