NHS Trust invests over £6 million in community hubs


South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust is investing over £6 million in community hubs, enabling the delivery of high quality services in local, accessible buildings.

The development of community hubs is part of the Trust’s transformation programme. Through this programme, the Trust has been working with local people to look at the services we provide and examining how to develop these so they meet local need, are responsive to what people want and are value for money.

The community hubs will be easily accessible, are being designed to create stigma free, therapeutic environments, and will enable lots of different services to be based in one area so that people can access a range of services in one place.

Two community hubs are currently being developed in Calderdale and Barnsley – where the Trust provides community, mental health, health improvement and learning disability services. The Trust also has plans to develop hubs in Wakefield and Kirklees.

The Calderdale hub will be based at the Laura Mitchell health centre in Halifax and the Trust is investing over £5 million in the development of a purpose built facility.

The Barnsley hub will be based at New Street health centre. Services are already available at the health centre and with an investment of over £1.7 million the Trust will be able to increase the number of clinical services available, improve the facilities and bring staff from different teams together.

Steven Michael OBE, Trust chief executive said, “The plans we have to develop community hubs will enable us to provide services that meet the needs of local people and have been co-produced with them. The refurbishment and building of the hubs is led by what our services need in order to achieve better outcomes for people – not by the building itself.

“When the hubs are complete, they will be a base for a host of services – meaning that people can access a range of support and meet people working in different teams in one place – co-ordinating care. A re-design of existing space in line with clinical need will also mean we can offer more clinical appointments.

“Both hubs are based in central locations with good access to public transport and we will be using the latest materials to ensure that our developments create sustainable buildings.

“By investing in these buildings we are enabling our staff to provide excellent clinical services in areas that are fit for purpose.”

NHS Trust invests over £6 million in community hubs

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