EASI Cup volunteer away day


In June 2018, England will host the European Association for Sport and Social Integration (EASI) World Cup at Barnsley Football Club .

EASI is a group made up of health and community groups from 12 European countries who promote sport to improve the wellbeing of people with mental health issues and learning disabilities. Each year they hold a football tournament which brings together more than 25 teams.

We have recently recruited a number of volunteering roles all with a unique part to play in making the EASI Cup an event that participants will remember for years to come.

A training and away day was held on Friday 27th April at the Silverwood camp site in Barnsley where teams will be staying.









Hannah Burton, physical activity lead for mental health services, said: “Lots of fun was had, but most importantly we all came away with stronger relationships and a better understanding of roles, responsibilities and expectations. We are thoroughly looking forward to working alongside each other in June.”

EASI Cup volunteer away day

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