“There are lots of things that I am proud of” – Catherine’s #LDWeek22 story


To celebrate Learning Disability Week, which takes place from 20 – 26 June, we are sharing real life stories from people with learning disabilities to find out more about what they enjoy and what makes them proud. Today’s story comes from Catherine.

Photo of Catherine

Hello, my name is Catherine.

There are lots of things that I am proud of.

• Making both of my parents very proud of me
• My family and friends
• Getting myself a paid job
• Being inspirational
• Becoming a ward befriender for the NHS
• Being a Co-Chair of the Patient Experience Group
• One of my proudest achievements is being in a relationship with my boyfriend
• My achievements / GCSES
• Being a good auntie

I feel great about these things. I developed my confidence and built up my independence. I feel very inspirational too.

One thing that I am proud of is being a good daughter to both of my parents, especially my mum. My mum once said to me: “one day I hope you will find a boyfriend who will make you happy and I will be really happy for you sweetheart. I love you for the lady you have turned into and I love you so much Catherine, always.”

This is a lovely message from my mum and I have got lots of proud memories from my parents too.

“There are lots of things that I am proud of” – Catherine’s #LDWeek22 story

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