Leader of the year


Dr Graham Hill

Consultant psychiatrist, community perinatal psychiatry team
Representing Calderdale and Kirklees BDU

Graham took the clinical leadership in managing processes and structure for the newly established community perinatal psychiatry team. He has gone above and beyond his role spending many hours sorting various issues, and his passion and commitment shines through his work. His patient centred care and his compassionate and caring approach has helped many service users and he has been exceptional in incorporating some radical ideas into the service to improve care overall. Graham has been outstanding in his commitment to work which has helped the Trust in establishing the new community perinatal psychiatry team.

Runner up

Helen Roberts

Patient safety manager
Representing support services

Helen perfectly embodies leading from every seat, and her passion and commitment ensures that patient safety is central to everything the Trust does. Helen takes every opportunity to share good practise and suggest ways that teams can get better and improve outcomes. She understands the need to be open and honest with incident reporting and is dedicated to exploring opportunities to make learning from incidents easier. Helen is a strong leader and is well respected by those she works with, and while her dedication and leadership skills are clear, it is her care and compassion which makes her truly stand out.


Claire Wilkinson

Ward manager, Nostell ward
Representing Wakefield BDU

Claire leads a team that consistently works above and beyond the call of duty with a huge smile on her face and an ability to face adversity with humour and a warm-hearted and thoughtful persona. Her team are focused and driven because of her caring leadership. Through difficult and challenging times Claire never stopped believing that she and her team can provide high quality, compassionate and service user focused care. Claire is a dedicated and determined individual and this is reflected in the way her team care for and support the service users on Nostell ward.

Leann Carr

Ward manager, Willow ward
Representing Barnsley BDU

Leann was appointed manager of Willow Ward in December 2017 and worked a dual role of ward manger alongside teaching nursing students at Sheffield Hallam University. Working a dual role when new into a position was tough, however Leann always made certain that the learning, experiences and contacts from the University could be brought back to improve patient outcomes for the ward. Staff on Willow ward feel confident going to Leann for support as she is always honest and trustworthy and has patient care at her heart. She is an inspirational leader that is thoroughly committed to the development of her team.

Simone Kane

Management assistant
Representing forensic BDU

Simone has a calm and dedicated approach to organisation of the management team of the forensic services, ensuring that staff are where they need to be with the information they need in hand, making sure they are as fully informed as possible. In between all of this she competently manages the secretarial and admin staff and the ward orderlies at Newton Lodge with tenacity. She works above and beyond the scope of the role, and has developed her knowledge and skills in support of the complex requirements for the service. Simone makes sure no task or activity is missed and is an amazing multi-tasker.

Stephen Simpson

Senior autism practitioner
Representing specialist BDU

Stephen worked over a number of years on the development of a checklist for autism friendly environments using his specialist knowledge and genuine passion for improving the day to day lives and experiences of people with autism. The completed checklist was endorsed by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) in 2016 and the National Autistic Society (NAS) in 2017. The development of the checklist has required a determination over time with the sole purpose of improving environments for people with autism and stressing the importance of putting the individual first. Stephen’s work on the checklist is an outstanding achievement that has received national recognition.

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