Expert Patients Programme and other self-management courses

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About the service

Nobody knows you better than you know yourself. So, doesn’t it make sense that the same will be true when it comes to managing your health condition?

Our self-management course – the Wakefield Expert Patients Programme (EPP) – compliments existing care you get from the NHS by helping you understand your health better – we can help you become an expert in managing your own condition.

EPP is a self-management course run by your local NHS. It is free of charge, informal and friendly and you may even find it could change your life.

Courses are designed to enable people to take control of their health by learning new skills through tried and tested techniques, which not only increases confidence and your ability to cope but it can also make people less dependent on health and social care. That could mean fewer trips to your local surgery or hospital!

EPP runs in easy-to-access venues in Wakefield and the Five Towns, so there will be a course running near you. We’re ready to help.

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Why would someone choose the service?

  • Enables people to take control of their lives
  • Will help people to understand their condition – learning techniques to manage it better
  • Courses are designed to put you in control of your health – making you an expert in managing your own wellbeing.
  • Through a set of tried and tested techniques, the course has been shown to increase confidence and help people feel better and more in control
  • Helps to improve health and wellbeing and regain the enjoyment of life
  • Courses are led by people who have already attended the Expert Patients Programme – which means that everyone who is involved knows exactly how it feels to come to a course as well as to live with an ongoing health condition, so they fully understand the ups and downs it can bring
  • The 6 week course runs in a variety of venues across Wakefield

A series of films which tell the stories of people who have attended the EPP courses and the difference it has made to them can be viewed here.


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